Compact, small and versatile


Who invented it? Kuhn Rikon invented it!

Our  Swiss peelers, which have been sold in their millions, have now been supplemented with two different sizes of attachment and an additional Swiss peeler with julienne blade. These are so easy to use.

Simply  press the attachments onto the peeler and you  are ready. With the spiral peeler create elegant vegetable spaghetti or vegetable strips. Julienne vegetable spirals are a healthy low carb alternative to pasta.

The vegetable strips are a clever addition to frying pan and wok meals or as a garnish.

Awarded the Good Design Award 2017.


Vegetable noodles instead of pasta

Turning out curly noodles from crunchy vegetables is fun to do. In the blink of an eye, you can now prep salads, producing elegant bows and rolls with it just like they do in top restaurants, or prepare a hearty pasta dish without pasta. Vegetable noodles instead of pasta are the latest big food trend for everyone wanting a low carb diet or who have to avoid gluten or for those who just simply love healthy, light food. Now you can make them with the handy Click ’N Curl in no time.


As easy as sharpening pencils

«It’s as easy as sharpening pencils!» Anna said to her mommy. The Click ’N Curl really does win over even the youngest of food lovers as well as clever kitchen professionals. Who can resist fresh crunchy vegetables when they arrive so decoratively and in such a fun way?


Small attachment, big effect

What’s special about the Click ’N Curl is the fact that it involves small attachments with a big effect. With just one click a normal peeler converts into a special spiral cutter with which, in the blink of an eye, one can make vegetable noodles or decorate a dish prettily. No kitchen should be without a peeler – now, thanks to the Click ’N Curl attachments, it is a trendy kitchen classic.



Compact, small and versatile

The set consists of 2 Swiss peelers. One with a straight blade and one with a julienne blade.  For this there is a small and a big Click ’N Curl attachment. With these you can spiralize vegetable noodles from squash, carrots, radish and sweet potatoes as you like. And the best thing is: the removable attachments can be cleaned at lightning speed and stored in a space-saving way. This means there is nothing to prevent you from preparing yourself something healthy and low calorie to eat.



» Set of 2 Swiss peelers (julienne and straight blade) and 2 attachments (large and small).

» Peeler with straight blade to make vegetable ribbons

» Peeler with julienne blade for vegetable noodles

» Both attachments fit on both peelers.

» Removable attachments for easy cleaning and storage.

» The Swiss peelers can also be used without attachments.

» More space-saving in comparison to a customary item.

» Made in Switzerland

Perfection perfectly realized

The Swiss Peeler is one of Kuhn Rikon’s most popular items. Over 10 million of them have already been sold. It was thus an obvious step to develop an extra function for this perfect kitchen gadget. This was successfully done with this clever attachment. Simple, efficient and space-saving. So unimposing, and yet so incredibly practical – that’s the nature of good design. At the same time, the Click ’N Curl is even cheaper and is simpler to clean than most special devices for cutting vegetables.

Valeria Hiltenbrand, Head of Design