social Engagement

Social engagement by tradition and conviction

The members of the Health Circle are responsible for the implementation of our vital@kuhnrikon. We take various measures to cultivate our corporate culture and to express our appreciation to our employees. We are convinced that a good team spirit and healthy, committed employees are decisive for the overall performance of the company.

« The label reflects the
high regard in which we hold our
employees. »

Tobias Gerfin - CEO Kuhn Rikon AG

Social responsibility

Kuhn Rikon - the name stands for a fourth generation family firm firmly anchored to its location. It also stands for high quality cookware and innovative kitchen aids sold worldwide. Ever since the founding of the firm in 1926, we have placed great value on social responsibility (e.g. taking in refugees from Tibet in the 60s, our very own pension fund introduced before the introduction of the one under the Swiss Occupational Pensions Act). The entire management team as well as the administration board and the owner's family set great store in creating and giving our employees a (working) environment, in which they feel supported and at ease. Since structured Occupational Health Management (OHM) was to become an established part of our company culture and also a further sign of our appreciation of our employees, in January 2006 the management decided to introduce a comprehensive OHM based on the "KMU-vital" program of Health Promotion Switzerland under the title "vital@kuhnrikon". With the support of the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine of Zurich University we collected the stresses and resources of our employees in a comprehensive, anonymous employee survey. Based on these results, which were made transparent for all employees, and a second situation evaluation in spring 2008, in the last ten years an internal team, the so-called Health Circle, has conducted various campaigns, informative events, measures and organisational changes, in part with the support of external partners.

For us it is not a matter first and foremost of measurable results, but of the working atmosphere, the identification of the employees with our company and our appreciation of them. Thanks to the 100% commitment of management, we are convinced that our commitment in the OHM contributes to this. The results from the surveys confirm that to us. With our structured absence management we do record absences caused by sickness and accidents, but in so doing it is not our intention to reduce the absence rate but, above all, to actively look after the long-term sick and support them in coming back into the work process.

With the label Friendly Work Space®, as the first small to medium firm in the canton of Zurich to be awarded this in 2009, we have taken a further step. The label honours companies for their systematic and enduring OHM and is based on 6 criteria and 26 sub-criteria. In a one-day assessment, neutral assessors, trained by Health Promotion Switzerland, inspect various aspects of company policy, human resources, work organisation, the planning of OHM, social responsibility and the implementation and overall evaluation of OHM. In the meantime we have already been recertified three times and are proud that we have achieved the label each time with improvements. The manifold, structured and sustainable measures in the context of "vital@kuhnrikon" have become a firm feature in our company and have met with wide acceptance in workforce achieved by virtue of the optimum and widely based composition of the Health Circle.

With the Friendly Work Space® label, we are not only demonstrating to the public at large that OHM is well established, organised, planned, implemented and evaluated in Tösstal. Above all, the label also shows our active and future employees that we are a firm in which:

  • Team members and line managers cultivate respectful interaction.
  • Professional and personal appreciation is a part of our company culture.
  • Part-time working and flexible working hours are possible.
  • Career and private life can be combined.
  • Being family-friendly is a part of our company culture.
  • The work is varied and doable and also involves challenges.
  • Care is taken of resources and stresses do not have consequences for health.

We remain "on the ball" and are continuing with our social responsibility, not only out of tradition but also out of conviction. Only with engaged, healthy and loyal employees and an inspirational, motivating environment can we master the future, multifaceted challenges and achieve economic success.

  • 2015

    30.10.2015 - Kuhn Rikon AG again – successful 2nd reassessment for the «Friendly Work Space» label

    During the award ceremony on 27th October 2015 in Bern, Health Promotion Switzerland conferred the “Friendly Work Space” label on 13 new companies. Ten further companies successfully completed the challenging reassessment process – seven of these for the second time running. Kuhn Rikon AG was amongst these seven companies and thus demonstrated that it continues to meet the Friendly Work Space criteria with regard to occupational health management.

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  • 2013

    19.06.2013 - On the road to success with the “Friendly Work Space” label

    At the close of the “Fit for the Future” cycle, we were able to talk to participants at the Lilienberg Business Forum about our experiences as we worked towards the “Friendly Work Space” label, which is conferred by Health Promotion Switzerland.

    to the presentation (in german)
  • 2011

    13.07.2011 - AXA Winterthur - Occupational health management

    In a short film, AXA Winterthur reported on companies which are active in the field of occupational health management. We were highly gratified that Kuhn Rikon AG was chosen as a shining example.

    link to film (in german)

    04.05.2011 - Avoiding stress, nurturing resources – secret recipe for protecting employees against burn-out?

    At the Innovation Conference, hosted by the University of Technology in Rapperswil SG on 4th May 2011, we were able to talk about our practical experiences on the topic of “Burn-out: buzzword or innovation killer?”.

  • 2014

    29.09.2014 - Award-winner for the Prix Balance ZH 2014   

    A healthy work/life balance
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