Corporate responsibility

Assuming responsibility

Mankind and the environment – we have to take responsibility for our future. As Switzerland’s leading cookware manufacturer, by implementing sustainable projects with a better world in mind, we are meeting that responsibility head-on. This includes, for example, Kuhn Rikon’s Tibetan Institute. In our view, corporate responsibility should make a contribution towards the sustainable safeguarding of our future. We seek to balance economic, ethical, ecological and social needs.

Our cookware helps to save energy. From material production (50% of our stainless steel is produced from recycled steel) to manufacturing and distribution – all these steps require energy. It is our mission to reduce this energy to a minimum. Our Duromatic pressure cooker uses up to 70% less energy than conventional pots. Durotherm and Hotpan cookware save up to 60% on energy. On top of that, thanks to the optimally-designed bases to be found on our pots and pans, heating-up time is also kept to a minimum.

This also leads to a reduction in cooking time and hence further energy savings. Every small step we take brings us further along the path towards a better future.