Elements of Style

Sensual Cooking


Cooking is so much more than just the preparation of food. Cooking signifies creativity, joie de vivre and enjoyment. Kuhn Rikon stands precisely for this vari­ety and passion that cooking involves.

Our aim is to create products to match the spirit of the age and set new standards in the kitchen. When developing our products, the choice of materials, current trends and the topic of sustainability play a decisive role. This is why we also use wood for our kitchen accessories, for example, as a natural, renew­able raw material.

In the new, limited edition HOTPAN" we have placed this renewable resource in an exciting contrast with the urban construction material concrete. This high quality mix of materials gives the thermal cookware an even more modern design and shows that a pan can become a stylish home accessory merely by choosing the right material.

In the catalog we are introducing you to the colourful world of Kuhn Rikon: versatile, clever prod­ucts that make cooking even simpler and nicer. And which go with every kitchen and phase of life.

Have fun discovering - and much continuing pleasure cooking!

Dorothee Auwärter
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors


In order to stand out from the competition, the external shape of a product is gaining greater significance. For a long time design has no lan­ger been a minor matter but now influences the consumer in their decision to purchase or not. But what differentiates good design? And is the premise "Form follows function" still sufficient today?

For us the key to a successful design lies in the selection of the materials, which at the same time decides the innovative power of a product. By using new materials and combining different ones, fresh creative freedom arises over and over again - not only in the visual but also in the haptic domain. But also new challenges, unusual approaches for solutions and even more func­tional possibilities.

Our aim is to exhaust the potential inherent in every material to the limits. This is because only this way does exceptional design come into be­ing - and a product with character, which teils its very own story.