No compromise performers with sharp etched blade

JIU Knives

Nothing happens in the kitchen without decent knives. They should be
sharp and out of good quality steel. The fabulous view of Swiss
mountain tops comes free with this easy-cutting ensemble.


New Foldable Design

Splatter Guard

Our popular Splatter Guard in a new folding design allows
you to stir and add ingredients while the splatter guard
stays on, protecting both you and your stovetop.


From the Stovetop to the Tabletop


How do you keep food fresh and hot on the table for 2 hours
and use 60% less energy? You cook and serve it in a Hotpan.
The airtight lid seals in flavor, vitamins and color, allowing for
foods to baste in their own juices as they cook. The elegant
serving shell keeps food hot and fresh for up to 2 hours.


For Extra Comfort and Design

COLORI+ Knives

Our Colori®+ knives are ultra-sharp in so many ways - quality, performance, color and Swiss design.


Multifunctionality is a very important aspect


Tong Tools are multiple tools in one!
Use tools individually or combine to create tongs.

Product Highlights

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