Prep like a pro!

Mise en Place Set

This colorful set of 3 is ideal for organizing
ingredients when making soups, stews,
baked goods and more.


more power with less effort

Salad spinner ratchet

We paired our remarkable ratchet
handle with a salad spinner.


This opener does it all!

5-in-1 can opener

Cans, jars, bottles and much more can be
opened effortlessly with the right twist.


From the Stovetop to the Tabletop


How do you keep food fresh and hot on the table for 2 hours
and use 60% less energy? You cook and serve it in a Hotpan.
The airtight lid seals in flavor, vitamins and color, allowing for
foods to baste in their own juices as they cook. The elegant
serving shell keeps food hot and fresh for up to 2 hours.

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