Make Meal-Time, Fun-Time

Pocket Maker

Whether a heart-shaped sandwich or a flower-shaped pie for your next
picnic, our Pocket Maker Set is perfect for creating sweet and savory
meals in three fun shapes.


From the Stovetop to the Tabletop


How do you keep food fresh and hot on the table for 2 hours
and use 60% less energy? You cook and serve it in an Hotpan.
The airtight lid seals in flavor, vitamins and color, allowing for
foods to baste in their own juices as they cook. The elegant
serving shell keeps food hot and fresh for up to 2 hours.


RedDot award-winning design

Ratchet Grater

Simply insert cheese into easy-to-open door
and move ratchet back and forth. Done!


High Performance, High Output

Ratchet Grinder

So easy to use. Simply open the front door, add your
dried spice and let the easy to use ratchet mechanism
and ceramic grinding stone do the rest!


The Next Grate Sensation

Dual Graters

The perfect space savers. Two ultra-sharp,
collapsible tools: Coarse/Ribbon and
Fine/Medium. The only graters you will
ever need in your kitchen.

Product Highlights

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