Passion for Design

We love design and strive for excellence in order to create pots, pans and cooking utensils that meet the highest requirements – those of our customers.

Kuhn Rikon has been employing its own industrial designers since 2004. That we are thereby on the right track is confirmed by the prestigious design awards that our products are regularly awarded. Even the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) has acknowledged this design performance, and sells selected Kuhn Rikon products in its own shop.

We promote design, but not as an end in itself. Design and functionality are combined harmoniously according to the motto “Form follows function" - and everyday objects are suddenly more than just pots, knives or a garlic press.

In addition to renowned awards such as the RedDot or the IF, our products have also been awarded audience prizes, such as the French "Grand Prix Table et Cadeau”. Our design not “only” impresses professional juries, but is also popular with our target audience. And that pleases us most of all!

Duromatic® comfort

Pressure cooking made simple. The DUROMATIC® Comfort pressure cooker by Kuhn Rikon is connected via Bluetooth using a specially developed free app. The app tells us precisely what is to be done. Simply select all ingredients, their size and quantity on the app and the corresponding cooking times are already being calculated automatically.

Awarded the iF Design Award 2016.

Mise en Place Set + Ratchet Salad Spinner

Mise en Place Set
Prep like a pro! This colorful set of 3 is ideal for organizing ingredients when making soups, stews, baked goods and more. Measuring marks help keep prep accurate. The flat edge scoops items from the cutting board making prep fast and easy.

Ratchet Salad Spinner
Ratchet Salad Spinner with powerful and ergonomic ratchet for easy and smooth spinning. The ratchet handle gives you more power with less effort and is easier on hands than other salad spinners.

Awarded the iF Design Award 2016.

5-in-1 openers

These openers do it all! Their sleek and clever design makes opening cans of any kind, bottles and more clean, safe and fun! These new 5-in-1 openers are real multitalents! With their five functions it opens all types of cans, bottles, soda tabs, pull tabs and more.

Ultimate 5-in-1 Auto Opener: awarded the iF Design Award 2016.

Ultimate 5-in-1 Auto Safety Opener: awarded the RedDot Award 2016.

Colori® Titanium

Strength and beauty combine to create Colori® Titanium. The ice-hardened Japanese stainless steel blade guarantees long-lasting sharpness and performance. Ice-hardening the blade allows the steel to reach maximum strength. The Colori® Titanium Knife is ultra sharp in so many ways - quality, performance, color and Swiss design. The stylish non-slip handle fits comfortably in your hand, even when used for long periods of time. The matching sheath is great for safe storage and keeping the blade sharp.

Awarded the iF Design Award 2016.
Awarded the RedDot Award 2016.

JIU Knives

Sharp, no compromise performers with etched blade.

Nothing happens in the kitchen without decent knives. They should be sharp and out of good quality steel. If they also sit perfectly in your hand, even better. The JIU knives by Kuhn Rikon do just that. And the fabulous view of Swiss mountain tops comes free with this easy-cutting ensemble.

Krinkle knife Mezzaluna & Tong Tools

Impress your friends with perfect crinkle cuts! Our Krinkle Knife has an ultra-sharp stainless blade and ergonomic handle that makes crinkle cutting potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and more a breeze. Comes with protective sheath for safe storage.

Tong Tools: See below.

COLORI®+ Knives

For extra comfort and design.

Cleverly conceived and beautiful to look at are the COLORI®+ knives. They are distinguished by their modern, ergonomic handle design, clearly defined design idiom and sophisticated details. The textured surface on the handle means that the knife will not slip out of the hand. This is why the ultra-sharp, rust-free blade of Japanese stainless steel “glides” all the better and the anti-stick coating of silicon resin ensures that nothing sticks to the blade.

Splatter Guard & Tong Tools

The absolute winning feature of this splatter guard in robust and food-safe silicon is its foldable design. This means that we can check on the food being fried, stir it and add ingredients without having to remove the splatter guard from the frying pan. Likewise super practical: the snap fastener halves the radius thus enabling compact stowing.

Multifunctionality is also a very important aspect of our Tong Tools. The combination possibilities of the fork/turner or fork/spoon sets are, depending on task to be performed, many and varied. The fork can be used as a whisk or to lift out food and the spoon for serving. Just one flick of the wrist connects both parts into a pair of tongs with which we can, for example, elegantly serve up pasta or salad. Magic? No, just simply well thought-out design!

Ratchet Grinder

Ratchet Grinder works simple, open the front cover, fill in the spices and then go on to the fine tuning: Turn the lower button in a clockwise direction for fine grinding, turn it counter-clockwise for coarse crushing. For grinding, move the ergonomic lever handle back and forth.

Dual Grater & Dual Knife Sharpener

Functionality and design go hand in hand with the Dual Knife Sharpeners. A few “run-throughs” between the ceramic-grinding discs are sufficient to restore sharpness to knives of every kind. The design is also just as sharp and optimally conceived and the grinding stones simply stow away in the handle, thus saving space. The 2-in-1 principle is also at the forefront with the Dual Graters, which combine two ultra sharp, etched stainless steel graters into one compact tool.

The top class expert jury raised their hats to so much cleverness and style, and honored both products with the iF product design award 2014. And we too are absolutely convinced of the quality of these kitchen tools.

Ratchet Grater

The Ratchet Grater features an efficient new design that’s easier and faster than traditional hand graters. A ratchet is a lever that you push and pull, back and forth. This is a highly efficient, ergonomic mechanism that is easier on the hands than traditional graters. The result: grating cheese, chocolate or nuts is a breeze.

Flexi Slice & Serve knife

The Flexi Slice & Serve Knife stands out not only by the playful design, also by the clever 2-in-1 function. The ergonomic handle and sharp stainless steel blade make slicing easy and the flexible wide knife surface makes serving simple.

With the prestigious RedDot 2014 awarded.

Avocado Knife

The magic tool for enjoying this fruit: The Kuhn Rikon avocado knife with its flexible, pre-shaped blade and cleverly integrated de-stoner is your secret weapon for opening, de-stoning and peeling this green fruit. Its handle in the shape of stylized avocado not only bears witness to a sense of humour on the part of the Swiss designers but is also ergonomic thus making working with the knife a pleasant experience.

It was awarded the Good Design Award 2012.

Corn Twister

Twists corn quickly off the cob without a knife. Our food safe silicone “leaf” protects fingers and provides a good grip as you easily twist kernels off the cob into a delicious mound of golden corn. The Corn Twister makes healthy eating fun for everyone.

It was awarded the Good Design Award 2013.

Classic Grind Ceramic Salt, Pepper & Spice Grinder

The Classic Grind makes adding freshly ground spices to foods as easy as the turn of a crank. Perfect for use in the kitchen or dining room, the Classic Grind features a timeless design that comfortably fits in your hand. With its classic French Moulin-inspired crank handle, this grinder is ideal for a variety of spices not just salt and pepper.

Fully adjustable from fine to coarse, the Classic Grind features a high-quality ceramic grinding stone that always produces a consistent grind.

The large opening at the top makes it easy and convenient to fill. The grinder’s bottom plate directs the spices exactly where you want them, so there’s no struggling with wayward grains on the counter. Available in red, white and black.

Kulu Herb & Vegetable Knife

Our chief designer Philipp Beyeler drew inspiration from a tool used by the Inuit (Eskimos) for this latest innovation. The Kulu is to the Inuit what the penknife is to the Swiss: they carry one everywhere. The Kuhn Rikon Kulu Herb & Vegetable Knife has a color coated Japanese stainless steel blade. The matching blade protector makes for safe and easy storage and transport. The knife is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. Its curved blade cuts quickly and easily like a mezzaluna through herbs, vegetables, fruit and garlic.

The product’s design and functionality have also impressed demanding juries: it was awarded the RedDot Award 2011.

Utility Knife Colori®

The versatile Utility Knife Colori®, with secure-grip handle, is the go-to tool for de-boning meats and other tricky kitchen tasks. The Japanese stainless steel blade ensures a sharp edge and long-lasting performance. The silicone based nonstick coating prevents food from sticking to the blade, making each cut easier and neater.


HOTPAN is the clever combination of stew pot and insulating bowl. You only need to briefly heat the food, and it then cooks itself to the end in the HOTPAN in a manner similar to the low heat cooking method. In addition, the food will also stay warm for up to 2 hours without becoming overcooked. This is not only convenient, but is also really healthy, and saves up to 60% of energy at the same time.

The concept is convincing, and the Hotpan has already won three design awards.

Easy Squeeze garlic press

60% less effort is required when using this shapely garlic press. The robust and ergonomically shaped lever takes over most of the work for you. The squeezing of garlic and ginger becomes child's play.

The stainless steel sieve, which can be completely swivelled out of the body, also makes cleaning easy.

Awarded the Design Plus.

Heart Spring Whisk

No more unevenly prepared sauces and creams. The clever shape of this whisk, with its head fixed on a swivel, ensures you can also stir to the edges of the pan.

The high-quality wire spool mixes very efficiently and the whisk can also be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Awarded the Design Plus Award.

Colori® Knives

Extremely sharp and non-stick coated Japanese stainless steel blades combined with an ergonomic handle and a blade protector that is ideal for safe storage – and everything in bright colors. This provides extra pleasure during its daily use.

This was also the opinion of the Design Award juries.